B² Network is a practical Bitcoin Layer-2 solution, utilizing zero-knowledge proof verification commitment rollup technology.

Key information:

➠ Only 446K users on the network, competition is not significant.
➠ Testnet is free to use.
➠ Confirmed token airdrop.

Preparation for work.

➠ Head to: https://unisat.io
➠ Installing the UniSat wallet and switching the network to the testnet.

Add network B2 in Metamask

➠ Log in to MetaMask and click on Add Network.

Network: B² Haven Testnet

RPC URL: https://haven-rpc.bsquared.network

ChainID: 1102

Currency: tBTC

Block Explorer URL: https://haven-explorer.bsquared.network/

Faucet BTC / UniSat

➠ Head to: https://cryptopump.info/send.php
➠ Request test BTC tokens to the UniSat wallet (may take up to 10 minutes)

Faucet BTC / EVM

➠ Head to: https://bsquared.network/faucet/
➠ Request test BTC tokens to the Metamask wallet.

Faucet ETH / EVM

➠ Head to: https://www.alchemy.com/faucets/ethereum-goerli
➠ Request test ETH tokens to the Metamask wallet.

Know B² Network

➠ Head to: https://task.bsquared.network/points
➠ Connect wallet Metamask and UniSat.
➠ Join Discord, follow on Twitter, and join Telegram.

Try Bridge On B² Network

➠ Head to: https://bsquared.network/bridge/
➠ Send test BTC from the UniSat wallet to the B2 EVM network, and approve task.

Meson | 1/2

➠ Head to: https://app.uniswap.org/swap
➠ Swap ETH for USDT on the ETH Goerli network.

Meson | 2/2

➠ Head to: https://task.bsquared.network/points
➠ Click on Start and go to Meson, where you need to send our USDT from the ETH Goerli network to the B2 network.
➠ After making the deposit, you need to withdraw USDT from the B2 network back to ETH Goerli.


➠ Head to: https://app.glowswap.io/swap
➠ Perform the swap.
➠ Add liquidity.
➠ Stake any tokens.


➠ Head to: https://testnet.bsquared.layerbank.finance/bank
➠ Supply BTC and Borrow.

By the way, recommendation to Airdrop farmers

Here you can get 30 Contracts in just 1 min. for ZkSync, Linea, Zora & Base.

➠ Head to: http://bricksmint.com
➠ Connect Wallet and Select a chain
➠ Click “Mint”

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