[STOCK]What is the stock market? Definition and meaning

The stock market or equity market is where buyers and sellers trade equity (stocks, shares) either through a stock exchange or over the counter. Investors trade listed shares through a stock exchange and unlisted shares over the counter (privately). Stock exchange, also called stock market or in continental Europe bourse, organized market for the sale and purchase of securities such as… Xem chi tiết

[STOCK] Winning at all costs – Damn the Torpedoes, full speed ahead

(Damn the Torpedoes, full speed ahead) is the famous battle cry of Admiral David Farragut. Historically, this was also a decision that risked everything to win an important victory in the battle at Mobile Bay during the American Civil War. But when you risk trading on the stock market, if you allow yourself to be… Xem chi tiết

[STOCK]Five principles of value investing 2022

The value investment strategy, a strategy aimed at finding stocks that are being valued below its true value by the market, seems to have gradually lost its attractiveness to investors. But this does not last too long, “value investing” is gradually getting noticed again, and many studies have shown that, if persevering is mastering the… Xem chi tiết